Health screening

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We provide a comprehensive health screening service so you can check your general health and screen for any potential medical issues. We understand that there are times in everyone’s life when you just need to find out how things are right now and see where they’re heading. It’s at these times that individual health screening at Harrogate Harlow can help.

We can provide you with a full personalised health assessment and report of your results. We aim to accurately measure and assess your current health and identify any medical problems (or potential future problem) as early as possible.

We give you your results and interpret them, with you in mind. We know there’s no point knowing your numbers if they don’t mean anything to you. With this very much in mind we have developed our own ‘traffic light’ system of health risk and show you exactly which bits are just fine (GREEN), which need monitoring (AMBER) and which need attention (RED).

Health checks and screening is tailored to you and can include:

  • Symptoms and disease review
  • Medication review and recommendation
  • Diagnosis and second opinion
  • Metabolic risk and cardiovascular risk (diabetes, heart attack, stroke)
  • Bone health and osteoporotic risk
  • Mental health
  • Sleep health
  • Prostate risk and recommendation
  • Nutrition, digestion and liver health
  • Kidney health
  • The full ‘MOT’

This is all complemented by physical examination, blood tests, lung function tests and an electrocardiogram (ECG) test.

Further screening options include:

  • Ultrasound screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Testosterone assay and replacement therapy
  • Vitamin D assay and replacement therapy
  • Vitamin B12 assay and replacement therapy
  • Advanced imaging tailored to your particular history or symptoms

We carry out health checks in our well-equipped private clinic at Harrogate Harlow, where we have advanced on-site facilities for testing and diagnosis – giving you, prompt results.

We can also assist companies by carrying out on-site health screening to provide a more efficient service and reduce employee downtime.

My rating for Mr Conroy is five stars throughout. The reply to my first email reflected attentiveness and much concern regarding Gaynor’s situation. We were at a dead end with nowhere to turn. Having researched online I came up with Mr Conroy’s profile and I knew that he was the one to sort things out. His expertise is second to none and we are both so grateful that he took us on. His post-op report to us was detailed and full of hope. We believe he did the best he could in the circumstances found. Recommendations goes without saying.

Mr Sheridan
Procedure – revision total hip replacement and removal of metal work
Procedure date – 20 February 2020


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