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Harrogate Harlow physiotherapy and rehabilitation is a new private physiotherapy service run by Harrogate District NHS Foundation Trust.

Led by Stephen Kirk, the team of expert physiotherapists offer specialist adult and paediatric outpatient physiotherapy services, they work closely with other members of the clinical team to ensure a seamless, professional, patient centred service is provided at all times. The team have full access to the onsite gym and swimming pool to support patients with treatment and recovery.

At Harrogate Harlow we believe that prevention is better than cure and that you need to invest in time and effort into looking after your body to keep you fit, healthy and injury free. Physiotherapy can help you do this, or it can help you recover quicker from an operation or sporting injury.

Prior to attending surgery, patients are able to attend a one to one pre-operative assessment and education session with our specialist physiotherapy team.

What to expect

We have a range of physiotherapy specialists that work for us at Harrogate Harlow physiotherapy. We can therefore provide you with the best possible advice and treatment to get you back to where you want to be in the optimal timeframe. Physiotherapists specialise in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of physical problems that affect your bones, muscles, joints and ligaments. In a physiotherapy consultation the physiotherapist will question you thoroughly about the symptoms you are experiencing as well as other health related questions. They will then assess you physically. Following this they will advise you of what they think the problem is and create a comprehensive treatment plan in order to help you make a full recovery as soon as possible.

If you have incurred an injury or are suffering from aches or pains in or around a joint or muscle, then it is likely that physiotherapy can help you. Very occasionally following an assessment our physiotherapist’s may decide that physiotherapy will not be effective. In these rare instances they will recommend who you need to see in order to get the help you need. The physiotherapist will provide you with a clinical letter to make this referral process seamless. Many patients find reassurance in checking their symptoms out with the physiotherapist even if they do not then need to go on to have treatment.

You can book online via our website or call/email us to make an appointment. We endeavour to provide a wide range of appointment dates and times and will always try to accommodate your needs. If there isn’t a time available that suits you, please speak to our reception team and we will try to arrange something with you that is convenient.

All payments need to be made by card so please bring your card with you to your appointment. We do ask that you pay for your appointments immediately after you have had them. We also accept patients who have private health insurance and we are recognised by all the major healthcare insurance companies.

Before treatment check that your insurance company covers you for physiotherapy treatment. If it does, check that you can have it with Harrogate Harlow. Sometimes the insurance company will ask for our provider number. If this is requested, please contact us as we have different codes for different companies. Your insurance company with then give you a treatment code for you to have your treatment with us. Please provide us with this number when making your appointment.

Harrogate Harlow is registered with all major insurance companies including:

  • BUPA
  • WPA
  • Vitality

If your insurance is with another insurance company that is not listed, please contact us.

If you are attending for anything related to your legs then wearing a pair of shorts or tracksuit bottoms is ideal. If your problem is more to do with your arm or shoulder, please wear a vest type top or loose T-shirt.

Initial physiotherapy consultations last approximately 1 hour. In this the physiotherapist will ask you lots of questions that will allow them to determine what they think is the cause of your symptoms. They will then also physically assess you and provide treatment. Follow up consultations are half an hour in length. In these sessions the physiotherapist will check on your progress with the treatment and provide further treatment as required.

Every session with the physiotherapist will include some form of treatment depending on what the physiotherapist feels is appropriate for your condition. This could take the form of hands on treatment, exercise prescription and/or advice.

If you are self-funding your physiotherapy treatment, then you do not need to have seen your GP or have a referral to attend physiotherapy. Anybody can attend physiotherapy and self-refer.

If you have insurance cover and they will be paying for your treatment, then you need to check with them what you need to do before you attend. All companies have different referral processes. They may require a referral from your GP, but you may be able to get this with a phone consultation. Check with your insurance provider and then then contact us with the relevant information.

If the physiotherapist feels you need further tests undertaking, then they will help facilitate this for you. If you require blood tests, the physiotherapist will speak with your GP to arrange this. If you require a scan or an XRAY the physiotherapist will discuss this with you and help you arrange it. Harrogate Harlow has excellent links with so the physiotherapist will be able to arrange relevant scans if it is appropriate.

My rating for Mr Conroy is five stars throughout. The reply to my first email reflected attentiveness and much concern regarding Gaynor’s situation. We were at a dead end with nowhere to turn. Having researched online I came up with Mr Conroy’s profile and I knew that he was the one to sort things out. His expertise is second to none and we are both so grateful that he took us on. His post-op report to us was detailed and full of hope. We believe he did the best he could in the circumstances found. Recommendations goes without saying.

Mr Sheridan
Procedure – revision total hip replacement and removal of metal work
Procedure date – 20 February 2020


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