Radiology – in partnership with Yorkshire Radiology

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Our radiology service is consultant-led and provides fast access 24/7 to a full range of diagnostic imaging procedures. All radiologists are UK trained sub-specialists and work closely with our consultants from other specialities. Our radiology services include:

  • Plain film X-rays
  • Ultrasound (including interventional procedures, biopsies and injections)
  • Nuclear medicine
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan (we have 2 scanners, including a wide scanner more suited to claustrophobic patients)
  • CT (computerised tomography) scan
  • Mammography
  • Bone mineral density (BMD) scan

Diagnostic imaging is the term used to describe the routine and more specialised radiological procedures undertaken within the radiology department.

Our highly qualified and experienced consultant radiologists conduct examinations using medical imaging. They will then report on the findings in order to arrive at a diagnosis and formulate the best treatment plan. Imaging can help evaluate the progress of a disease or injury and assess the response to initial treatments.

My rating for Mr Conroy is five stars throughout. The reply to my first email reflected attentiveness and much concern regarding Gaynor’s situation. We were at a dead end with nowhere to turn. Having researched online I came up with Mr Conroy’s profile and I knew that he was the one to sort things out. His expertise is second to none and we are both so grateful that he took us on. His post-op report to us was detailed and full of hope. We believe he did the best he could in the circumstances found. Recommendations goes without saying.

Mr Sheridan
Procedure – revision total hip replacement and removal of metal work
Procedure date – 20 February 2020